What music could describe Minot better than music depicting life in the prairies? Join us as we survey beloved western music. Aaron Copland captured the American spirit in Rodeo. Relive classic cowboy films when we bring you Dances With Wolves by John Barry and The Wild, Wild West by Richard Markowitz, along with the unforgettable theme to the Magnificent 7 by Elmer Bernstein. Following our yearly tradition, the MSU Senior Concerto Competition Winner will also solo with the symphony.

The Wild, Wild West (Pops) Program

Williams: The Cowboys Overture 
MSU Concerto Competition winner TBA
Copland: Four Dance Episodes from Rodeo
Composition Contest Winner TBA
Holcombe: Cowboy Fantasy
Hayman: Pops Hoedown
Barry (arr. Rosenhaus): Suite from Dances With Wolves
Markowitz (arr. Roy Phillippe): The Wild, Wild West
Bernstein (arr. Roy Phillippe): The Magnificent 7


We would love to see you at this concert. It is going to be a great time. Get your tickets before they are sold out!